Meet Furry Staff

Ms. Cooper


Senior Security Officer

Cooper has served her furry-less companions for almost 14 years as their security officer. Her abilities include, but not limited to, determining dangerous situations and/or persons, sniff out hidden treats, rejecting cuddles and taker of many naps.

In her senior years, her diet may have changed, but she can easily win a stare-down competition, until she decides to take another nap.



Treat Analysis Entrepreneur

Honorary escape artist who turned her life around to working along side Ms. Cooper as a security officer. However, still living on the edge, she has become an expert thief of her furry-less companions' lunch.

Luckily, her cuteness, desire for attention, and heater hoarder, the SFL family has believed it best to retain her security services.



Stranger Detection Expert

The newest furry member of the SFL family, she is learning that her two-legged food keepers are not the only ones she'll ever meet. With one blue eye and one brown eye, she has the ability to alarm strangers who enter her domain on a daily basis. Thankfully, her short stature and extreme good looks, "strangers" are not frightened of her presence and would prefer to sneak treats and cuddles.