Sage Scholarch Articles

September 2020

Why "Sage Scholarch" as a blog title?
Sage is more than a last name. It represents wisdom that one already possess, but does not seek. Scholarch is Greek (Athenian) for the Dean of the University.

The purpose of the articles that will be presented here are for educational and entertainment purposes only. I will always recommend that you speak directly with your tax or legal professionals.

Credentials: My background, beyond the quick quip in the "Meet Rebecca" link, is heavily saturated in property management accounting (also known as trust accounting) specifically with the use of AppFolio since 2008. Before diving into trust accounting, I have a BS in Business Administration:Accounting and over 15 years of bookkeeping and accounting experience.
My team is located here in lovely Austin Texas and we are grateful to provide such services to clients nationwide. SFL's growth has been generated organically from referrals. We really like our clients 🙂

SFL is a full-service accounting firm. What does that mean for you? It means we provide financial services for all corners of your company and individually. And when you call the office, you talk to a human who can help you! Our processes may be technical and embedded in the interwebs, but we still serve our clients the good ol' fashioned way.

I hope you stick around. Class will begin shortly!

October 2020

Don't Skip Leg Day
Anatomy of the human body has twelve parts. As we all know, the heart and brain are the two most important organs in our bodies. However, the heart can function without a brain, but the brain cannot function without the heart.

There are three types of muscles in our bodies:
-Skeletal: attached to the bones to promote movement
-Smooth: walls around organs for function
-Cardiac: pumps blood to the heart

What does property management have to do with our muscles? Great question! At least we now know you have a brain and a heart that is functioning properly! 🙂
All three muscle groups work in harmony in property management as it does in your body.
-Maintenance = Skeletal function. Ensuring that your clients' properties are well maintained and cared for promotes tenant loyalty and timely rent. A renewal fee costs a lot less than a turn-over. Preventative maintenance and semi-annual HVA/C inspections could save your owners thousands of dollars.
-Financial = Smooth function. The proper use of your clients' funds equates to what kind of food you put in your body. Vendors who are reliable and cost effective shows your owners you have a good relationship with the entities that manage their property. If you have a vendor who is costly and does not perform their job well, it can leave a bad taste in your mouth and a sour look on your owners' year end statements.
-Referral = Cardiac function. Without the two muscle functions above, your name will not be at the top of your clients' referral list. The stress of maintenance and tenant turn-over could put your management company at risk for a cardiac arrest.

Obtaining in-house maintenance techs, make-ready specialists, along with a tenant / owner liaison, and an accountant who specializes in the demands and thanklessness of property management is almost like winning the lottery; or physique mega-millions!
If one area is lacking, you're skipping leg day! What does your work-out look like? How is your diet? Are you taking your vitamins and seeing your doctor regularly? Or is one area in poor health and could use a boost?

In closing, class, don't skip leg day! All three muscle groups are equally important to the functionality of your company.