Database Migration

Not using AppFolio?
Worried about the transition?
Concerned with follow up support and additional training?

Transfer your current database over to AppFolio with a trusted, AppFolio referred, migration experts.


AppFolio’s migration is not a cake walk and if you’re not careful, you can end up transferring bad data into your new database. We will analyze and scrub your current information and financial integrity to set you up for success in your new AppFolio database!

Training & Support

We can create customized training portfolios for your workflow, internal controls and processes that go deeper than AppFolio’s general videos and articles.

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Put your worries to rest and let a migration expert ease the transition stress

Happy Clients

Our clients that have migrated into AppFolio have zero regrets and 100% support.

SFL as our primary resource during and after the switch was indispensable, eliminating my worry to migrate.

Hanna McClain

SFL was instrumental to both initial set up and training. The combination of accounting and AppFolio expertise has been an invaluable part of our success.

Larry Park

Rebecca provided her analytical strengths to ensure our records were accurate moving forward.

Michael Francis

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