Our Story

Heart of family, with a heart of serving others’ financial needs in the heart of Texas, and internationally.

Originally from Portland Oregon, we migrated quickly to Texas. Southern hospitality, a family oriented company, with a “get down and dirty” work ethic.

Our Founder, Rebecca, strives to provide the most accurate accounting services by exploiting her OCD and perfectionist traits. Yes, you can feel sorry for the staff!

Behind every great business is an excellent accountant!

Our Mission

Our company is dedicated to all aspects of your personal and business financial developments, financial logistics, and record keeping needs.

Our mission is to provide you with every financial tool available to assist in making wiser financial decisions.

With over forty years of combined experience, our company specializes in small to medium business, from Property Management, Real Estate, Construction, Professional Companies, Research and Development, and many more.

Our Support

We support our clients with timely and accurate information regarding their financial requirements and position.

We operating seamlessly in QuickBooks (online and desktop), PeachTree, AppFolio, Buildium, PropertyWare, Foundations and many other applications. Utilizing these services, we can build your trust in your financial information, including preparing your Corporate and/or Individual tax reports.

We want you to do what you love while we do what we love! What could be more wise than that?

President / Founder

About me

A transplant from Portland Oregon who got to Texas as quickly as she could, knowing she is an Austin Entrepreneur at heart.

After serving overseas in the United States Air Force, Rebecca continued servicing members of her community, and nationally. With a financial family background, she proceeded to quickly achieve all professional goals necessary to accomplish the high standards of becoming a third generation accountant.

In early 2010, Rebecca founded Sage Financial Logistics with the primary purpose to offer experienced financial services to business owners in the great state of Texas. Word of her dedication, expertise with common-sense accounting and loyalty spread quickly nationwide; leading the way for other entrepreneurs to provide similar services.

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Accounting
  • NARPM Affiliate Member, Since 2011
  • Institute of Management Accountants Member, Since 2020

Efficiency Expert

Three-way Reconciliation

Internal Control Operations

Compliance Assurance

Business Management

Certified Public Accountant

About me

With over 30 years of accounting experience, Barbara has formulated an intensive Client/CPA relationship. By providing a high standard of knowledge with the ever-changing tax codes and accounting advice, she is able to properly and professionally guide her clients to being financially sound.

She is a register Certified Public Accountant in the great state of Texas since 2006 after relocating from Oregon. She takes great pride and is humble in her work; her clients are thankful for it.

In Barb’s spare time, she enjoys golfing, cooking and spending time with her family.

  • Member of American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
  • Member of Texas Society of Public Accountants
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Accounting

C/S-Corporation Tax Preparation

Partnership Tax Preparation

Non-Profit Entity Tax Preparation

Tax Professional

About me

An experienced tax preparer who serves clients on a personal level. Russ has the ability to translate your tax return into plain English. He has an extensive background in business management and is able to assist individuals work through their personal and business information.

He works diligently with clients to ensure their bookkeeping is kept accurately and assists with company workflow.

When he is not helping clients with bookkeeping or taxes, you can find him providing technology services to the company, or on the golf course!

Russ’ favored past-time includes venture motorcycling riding, boating, classic cars, cabinetry and his family.

  • Notary Public, Texas

Business Bookeeping

Individual Tax Preparation

Furry Staff

If accountants don’t have any personality, their furry companions do!


Treat Analysis Expert

“Are you going to eat that?”


Stranger Detection Expert

“I can hear a leaf fall from 20′ away.”


Pillow Testing Expert

“I cannot be bothered right now.” R.I.P. 2018

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Behind every great business is an excellent accountant.

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