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The SFL team have done an excellent job keeping our books clean and concise. We feel they have prepared our business well for any potential audit from our real estate commission. Rebecca is very knowledgeable in her field and has been a great resource for bookkeepers for those higher level or complex AppFolio accounting issues.

Todd Dorman, Broker

Dorman Real Estate & Property Management, CO

We have really appreciated SFL helping us streamline the way we do things to make it simpler for us getting standard procedures in place for owner and vendor disbursements. We previously operated randomly and she has set us up with a workable schedule.

Laura VonFange, Manager

TriLitCo, TX

The transition from Buildium to AppFolio has been a better fit for my growing business. SFL as our primary resource during and after the switch was indispensable, eliminating my worry to migrate. SFL combined with AppFolio provides my team with more flexibility, time efficiency and cost savings. I wouldn’t go back!

Hanna McClain, Broker

Rent the District, DC

Over the last ten years I have used AppFolio at two different property management companies. Rebecca with SFL was instrumental to both the initial set up and training each time. Her combination of accounting and AppFolio expertise has been an invaluable part of our success. I cannot recommend SFL highly enough.

Larry Park, Broker

Austin Residential Management, TX

SFL has helped us grow from 400 to over 1,000 units in the last few years. SFL is the reason I can sleep nights knowing that our trust accounts are in perfect order. The SFL team are valued members of ours and we could not do what we do without them.

Chris McAllister, Broker

ROOST Real Estate, OH

I have a love/hate relationship with SFL. I find it annoying that they require we follow standard operating a fiduciary procedures, and I love that they demand us to follow such protocols. My database is audit proof because of SFL.

Russ Blackwell, Broker

Reedy Creek Property Management, TX

I am a lot less stressed now that you are checking my books and everything is in line.

Sarah Odette, Broker

SoCo Management, CA

You are the perfect match for fully utilizing AppFolio for my accounting needs. When I need something done right, and right away, I call SFL!

Steve Brown, Broker

Rent It Network, FL

I can concentrate on my owners’ properties while taking comfort in knowing our accounting deadlines are being met efficiently and accurately.

Jaime Sepulveda, Broker

Strategic Property Management, TX

When we decided to make the switch from APM Help to an accounting firm without increasing our costs, it was imperative that they had extensive expertise in AppFolio. I found that with Sage Financial.

We’ve been working together since 2019 and they go above the basic day-to-day transactional accounting. Not only is my AppFolio database squeaky clean, but Rebecca has transformed my Corporate QBO so that I can make better budgeting and forecasting decisions.

When our team wants to make a change, Rebecca finds a way to make both databases work together, and creates processes for everyone’s role. They’re response time and support is unmatched.

Monte Davis, Broker

Monte Davis Property Management, TX

We have worked with SFL for several years and Rebecca cleaned up our books due to a bookkeeper departing the company. If you want to make sure your books are squeaky clean, look no further. SFL has you covered and you can rest assured that she will keep you prepared for any audit that might come your way.

The Dorman team has learned a lot from Rebecca. She goes above and beyond to help us understand the process of fixing something rather than just doing it. She takes the time to make sure we fully understand and has been a lifesaver. She is full of knowledge and her accounting and AppFolio experience is unmatched.

SFL is valuable to any Property Management Company. Our accounting department has grown in the last couple of years because of SFL.

Sarah Dodge, Manager

Dorman Real Estate & Property Management, CO

Our primary motivation to have an AppFolio PMA readily available was to have peace of mind knowing that we can get professional consulting in a very timely manner. We have had several time sensitive issues and SFL has been there for us. Also, the in depth knowledge and understanding SFL has with AppFolio gives us great confidence in our procedures and data we provide to our clients.

We have gained useful information with the time spent with SFL. Extremely useful and valuable information every time we call. AppFolio can be very complex and SFL has always come through for us. We have found them to be much more knowledgeable than the AF tech support and certainly more responsive. SFL gets it right!

David Klobedans, Manager

JC Crossing, TX

I used Sage Financial Logistics to help me clean an issue we had with one our ledgers in AppFolio. Rebecca responded immediately and solved the problem for me within a few hours at an extremely reasonable price! She explained everything to me and I feel confident that it was done right! I strongly recommend her services to anybody in need of accounting help, and will certainly use her again should the need arise! Rebecca is a great source to have!

Ed Hochman, Broker

Hawk Management, CA

I found several issues that were caused by tenant move-out accounting. Reaching out to SFL, Rebecca was able to clear out several diagnostic issues. Afterwards, the training is definitely working and she has helped me feel more confident in my monthly accounting flow with bank reconciliations and troubleshooting accounting issues.

Russ Attwood, Manager

Zakhem Property Management, CO

Sage Financial were referred to me by a fellow NARPM PA Chapter member. I love the work they do and how they work with us!

Jennifer Ruelens, Broker

One Focus Property Management, PA

When Rollingwood Management migrated to AppFolio in 2010, Rebecca provided her analytical strengths to ensure our records were accurate moving forward. She is the go-to person for property management accounting questions and training, including creating internal processes for our success.

Since then, I confidently recommend SFL to other property managers considering or are using AppFolio.

Michael Francis, Broker

Rollingwood Management, TX

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