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The team of experts SFL provides will cost you less than a full-time bookkeeper. SFL is scalable; when you grow, we grow with you.

Manage the Properties while We Manage Your Accounts

We literally love working in AppFolio! So go do what you’re excellent at and we’ll do what we are stellar at!

Accounts Receivable

Tenant Receipts, Other Receivables, Contribution Tracking, Move-In Fund Allocation

Accounts Payable

Smart Bill Entry, Work Order Billing, Project Costs, Vendor & Owner Compliance, Management Fee Analysis, RUBS, PUC Utility Allocation, Expense Allocation

Three-Way Reconciliation

Certified liability and bank reconciliation reports, including financial diagnostic maintenance

AppFolio + SFL

The Wise Choice
We offer this, and so much more!

Implementation & Consultation

Receive the support, training and materials needed to set up business processes and internal controls to equip your business to grow

Year-End Preparation

Year-End statement analysis, 1099NEC & 1099MISC distribution and IRS E-Filing

Tenant & Liability Movements

Accurately moving a tenant in or out, allocating move-in funds to the appropriate charge and ensuring funds are in the cash accounts intended

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