Deeper than a Bank Reconciliation

Ensuring that you can account for all owner and tenant funds requires a deeper look into the reconciliation, versus a basic or daily reconciliation.

We analyze your database down to the bone to provide assurance of financial health and deter against fraud.

*We had one client who was required a secondary audit, then passed without issue.

Broker’s Liability to Owners, Homeowners & Tenants

Does your trust account hold the exact amount that you’re reporting to your owners, including unmanaged properties? Unsure what a bank adjustment is for?

Assuring that your tenants’ security deposits are appropriately accounted for in your escrow account and resolving the issue if not. We also account for tenant security deposit interest income for those few, special states.

We typically complete your reconciliation and provide you certified reports before your first owner disbursement check run.

Financial Diagnostic Repairs

Let’s clean house! The function of your diagnostic report is to inform you of any funds that are not allocated correctly. If your diagnostic report is long and your bank reconciliations are a few months or years behind, we can provide a reconstruction service, instead of the dreaded AppFolio Remigration, without any downtime.

Let’s get you cleaned up!

The sooner you call us, the sooner we can get working on bringing your reconciliations up to date and feeling secure in the financial information you’re providing your clients; without any downtime!

Call us! It will only take a minute

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